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Quotes I am a professional model, I flew to Alaska at the recommendation of another model I worked with. Her high praise of this photographer is well warranted, he had me laughing so hard I almost was in tears. Ed is a wonderful photographer, very warm, funny and a great personality. He charges way to little for the great work he does. If you get the chance to work with him, don't pass it up! Quotes

Quotes I was looking for a special Valentines Day present for my husband who has always loved for me to send pictures of myself to his cell phone at random. A friend recommended a shoot with Ed. Ed created beautiful pictures that I could have never thought of or accomplished by myself. He made me feel comfortable and geared the entire shoot around mine and my husbands relationship. It was obvious it had a theme that was very "us". He listens to your ideas and learns about you to make sure the shoot reflects you. I would recommend him to any one and plan on going back to him again. Quotes
Happy Wife / Satisfied customer

Quotes Had a wonderful time here. Ed is professional, funny, and makes you feel comfortable, even if you're not. I loved the pictures he took, and feel great abou them, and can't wait to do it again! Quotes
Show me emotion!

Quotes My fiance and i contacted Ed while we were overseas in hopes to have our photos done during R&R. I had wanted to take photos of myself to make a calendar for my fiance and we ended up also taking couple photos. Ed was one of the funniest photographers and made us bolth feel very comftorable. I not only took many lingerie photos but photos in the nude of myself and of my fiance and I together. We were bolth again very comftorable and i am confident in recommending Ed to any and everyone. Our photos came out bueatiful!!! Quotes
michelle and ty*

Quotes i worked with Ed and its was great. I've never done photos before and so i didnt know what to do but he just explained everything to me and helped me understand and i got great photos. I'm so happy with them, I will for sure do them again. I did boudoir photos and it was nice that he had different stuff for me to try on, make up to use and some different drinks and food. His studio was very nice. i really liked the price it was worth it because i got so many wonderful pics. If you want to take pics Ed is the one person I would tell you to go to Quotes

Quotes Ed is a great photographer! i had some boudoir pictures taken by him as a gift for my husband. I was very nervous at first, as this was my first time being nude in front of the camera. He made me feel comfortable with his sense of humor and professionalism. My husband was very happy with the pics that came from the shoot. I can't recommend Ed enough, and look forward to shooting with him again Quotes
Kerline Deiss
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I decided to ask Edward to take my photos before i changed body types again. At age 30 my weight fluxuates, my body image is drastically different from the sexy 16. Edward not only did a professional job and kept my anxiety level next to non'existant, he took photo's that flattered my body and my mind. I recomend women of all shapes, sizes and age to get their photo's done! It is a very rewarding experience. Thank you again Edward. Quotes
selfconsious mother

Quotes I was right in the middle of a situation, and ready for the next step in mylife. I needed to feel great about myself. While talking with my best friend, she referred me to Ed. She explained to me how professional he is, and how much of a Gentleman he is. I was nervous, but I called to set up an appointment. I was very pleased and comfortable throughout my first photo shoot with Ed. Five photo shoots later, I am just as excited, as I was with the first one. What makes me the most comfortable with Ed, he is very much so a gentleman, and very professional. Ed?s work ethic and passion for what he does is through the roof. Thank you Ed, for showing me the way others see me. I would have never seen it, or felt it for that matter, without you. When is our next shoot? Quotes
Satisfied Mom,, not just mom, Woman

Quotes I have spent my whole life hiding from the camera! I have always hated having my picture taken and hated how I looked when I saw them. Recently divorced and single for the first time since highschool, I felt it was time to face my fear. I stumbled upon Ed and he said that he could show me the person I was looking for inside, or he would keep shooting me until he did. I have never been one to back down from a challenge so I accepted and have never looked back! For the first time in my life I saw the person I always felt was hiding inside me appear right before my eyes. The first time I saw her I was brought to tears because I always knew she existed somewhere but was just hidden under years of being a wife and raising children. Ed always makes me feel completely comfortable, I trust that he is going to highlight my best features, and hide the ones I dont want to be seen.I show my pictures to everyone now, I am so proud of the person looking back at me. Thank you Ed! Quotes
Heather Roehl
One Tough Customer!

Quotes In the beginning, I was a little nervous of getting Boudoir photos taken. They were a gift for my husband on our wedding night. He loved them. Ed's professionalism and sense of humor soon helped me relax .The entire shoot was actually fun and made me feel like a model for the day. My end results were many tasteful, beautiful pictures to choose from. Extremely reasonable prices. After I received my photos I showed a couple people who loved his work. One of them also ended up also getting boudoir shots taken, and the other lady had Ed do her Family Portraits. I would highly recommend Personal Visions for all occasions. Quotes
Dannelle Bamba