Personal Visions


The Artist

I have been shooting for over 20 years or so and I am still learning.  The one thing I have learned from the women I have done photographs for  is that every woman has the misconception that they believe they are flawed; they see themselves as to fat or have to many stretch marks or what ever the physical problem they conceive.  Each one know deep down that she is beautiful, but buries herself deep in her role as mother, wife, girlfriend, ect.    She forgets the true beauty she is.

 I enjoy shooting real women, every day ladies who dare to take the step and say "Show me the beauty I only catch glimpses of in the mirror" or " I want to see what others see" To see a mother transform in front of the camera, to peel away the role of mother, or wife and bring out the sensual being is the utmost joy to me.  To let her see herself again as a thing of beauty or to expose the sexy she hides from herself is more than my mission, it is my passion.

 When you look at the gallery, realize that most of my models are mothers and wives.  Keep in mind that they had not seen their true self in so long because they hide behind these roles and lose the confidence that they are still sensual creatures.  Their beauty is there, I have no doubt. From the moment I meet them, I know what they hide and why.  I gently bring that back to the surface; I look into the eyes and look to find "her".  I know she is there, screaming, "let me out."

 I am patient, I can wait but I do not push, I will not shoot smut.  I will not push a woman to do anything she is uncomfortable with.  I have found that when she is ready she will show the camera who she is and reveal the beauty of the woman she has burried deep inside herself. 

 If you’re reading this, trying to decide if this is something you really want to do, then please don't make excuses.  Resist the urge to talk yourself out of it by saying “I need to lose X amount of weight.  I don't know if "he'll" like it.”  Or what ever other excuse that stops you.  I assure you that if you wait, you will kick yourself later.  You will wish one day that you had taken the chance and the time to explore and push your own boundaries. 

The other thing I hear a lot form my clients is part of their apprehension that I am a male.  That’s true, or at least last I checked, and we all know men have one thing on their walnut sized mind.  I can asure you; I do have one thing on my mind, to find the real you not for some perverted self-serving reason, only to find that sexy, sensual, beautiful, playful diva that you have hidden away.  To find the real you and bring it to light.

So please, if you are considering doing this, set up an appointment.  Meet me, visit my studio and I am sure that you will see that this is my art, my passion.  I do not do it for a perverted reason, or to post naked pictures on some web site.  I do this because I feel every woman deserves the right to see her beauty the way others do and to see herself as she once did.